British Citizens can apply for a United Kingdom (UK) Passport. If you are a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British protected person, a British subject, or a British national (overseas), you may also apply.

If you hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) but have yet to obtain UK Citizenship, you need to apply for Naturalisation before you can apply for a UK Passport.

An application for a UK Passport is considered by the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) in the UK. If you live outside the UK, you can make your application at a local UK consulate, high commission or embassy. You can also make an application on a visit to the UK, even if you are only visiting the UK for a short period, assuming you current passport does not expire before your departure date to the UK. You cannot send an application to the Identity & Passport service from overseas.

First Child Passport

A child passport is issued for a period of 5 years at a time. To make an application for a child passport, the child must be a British citizen, a British overseas citizen, or a British overseas territories citizen.

Parents cannot add their children to their own passports any longer. The rules change on 5 October 1998. From this date, children need their own UK child passports to travel. Once a child passport expires, the individual can renew their child passport for a further 5 years if they have still not reached their 16th birthday, or renew their passport as an adult if they have reached their 16th birthday.

If your child is already on your passport, and your passport has expired, you will need to renew your own passport as an adult, and apply for a first child passport for your children who have yet to reach their 16th birthday. If you have children who have turned 16 before applying for their own child passport, then their first passport application will be an initial adult application for a 10-year adult passport.

Child Passport renewal

Once a child passport has expired or has been filled with stamps, it should be renewed. You can make a renewal application before the passport expires. We recommend you make your renewal application during the 9 month period before the passport expires, as up to 9 months of validity can be carried forward to the new passport. If the child has not reached 16 years of age, a child passport renewal should be made. Otherwise, an adult passport renewal should be made. To make a renewal application, the current/recently expired 5-year child passport is required.

Initial Adult Passport

If you have held a passport as a child, then you need to apply for a renewal of your passport once your child passport expires. If you have reached the age of 16 at this time, you will need to make an adult passport renewal. You will therefore not need to apply for an initial adult passport.

If you have never held a child passport before, or if you were only included on one of your parent’s passports up to the age of 16, then you need to apply for an initial adult passport.

You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for your first adult UK passport. If you plan to make your first adult passport application in time to travel, ensure you allow no less than 6 weeks to obtain your passport. The process involves completing and submitting an application form. During the process, you will need to attend an interview, before your passport will be issued to you. Once the Identity & Passport Service have received your application and reviewed it, they will promptly contact you to arrange the mandatory interview.

Adult Passport renewal

You can apply for a passport renewal if you still have possession of your current/recently expired passport. This can be either a child passport or adult passport. If you were included on a parent’s passport, and have not held a passport in your own right since then, you will need to make an Initial Adult Passport application rather than a renewal application.

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